Admin Manual (SC)


tia Scan is a high-performance scan x32/x64-bit application bound to the Microsoft® Windows™-platform which can be directly controlled from the SAP GUI.
tia Scan supports all SAP storage scenarios (e.g.: "late archiving", "early archiving", etc.) and requires just a minimal customizing effort.
tia Scan also supports centralized profile and license management in case tia Scan is being connected to the tia Scan Server.

KGS Scan client also seamlessly integrates with KGS ZADOC.

Supported Barcodes, File Formats and Communication Interfaces / Protocols

System Requirements

For the system requirements please see:®andkgsSoftwareComponents-KGSScan



After downloading the KGS Scan from our download page ( ) you’ll have to unzip the archive and start the installation procedure by using the setup.exe-file.

You may freely choose the installation directory to your liking. The default directory for the application will be located under C:\Program Files (x86)\Kgs\KGS Scan.

Besides installing the client application, the setup will also install the KGS Transfer service which handles the communication between KGS Scan and any partner program existing in the system environment (e.g.: communication with KGS ScanServer).

If KGS Scan is being used by multiple users on the same workstation, you’ll have to ensure that each user has assigned read and write access to the chosen installation path as well as to the directory “%AppData%\KGS Scan”.


Settings and Profile settings in KGS Scan Client

General settings

Scanning Options

Loading Local Documents

Document separation options

Document Naming

Image Processing


Context Menus


Batch Naming