Manual (DR4)


tia® DocumentRouter is our universal input manager which allows you to mass import and link large data volumes to SAP. All SAP storage scenarios, including early and late archiving with barcodes are being supported by DocumentRouter.

Documents can be archived in all archiving systems that are compatible with ArchiveLink.

System Requirements

For the system requirements please see: Prerequisites for KGS Software Components


In order to use tia® Document Router please follow the guide for requesting licenses: KGS Software licensing.

Then enter the licese like described in section

Functional Overview


Global Configuration

Enter global config view

Global configuration is explained in

Entering the license key

SAP RemoteFunction for DMS communication

Defining DataInterfaces and SIDMappings

Creating or editing a Document Router instance

Starting and stopping DocumentRouter instances

After instance configuration instances can be started respective stopped. Please enter the DocumentRouter instance manager using the UI:

Main → KGS Document Router

In order to start click the Play button (⏵) in the Actions column.

For stopping, please use the Stop button ( ■ ) in the Actions column. The State will first go into stopping state. After successfully stopped the state changes to Resolved.

DocumentRouter may not instantly stop the instance, but instead wait for the next processing cycle defined by the parameter ProcessTimer. In case you defined a very long period, you may have to wait for the next processing cycle to take place before this DocumentRouter instance has been stopped.

By using the Stop All button, all instances will be stopped gracefully.

In case something in the instance configuration is wrong DocumentRouter will display an error message when you try to start it, which will help you fixing the configuration error.

Protocol regarding processed documents


Mail support

Multi-Part Request